Virtualization in Edgemont, PA


Consolidate your technology resources, save money, and centralize control with Server and Desktop Virtualization

Virtualization of your server infrastructure allows you to run multiple server environments from one robust server

Discover the benefits of a single point of control and begin virtualizing your network today

Can’t bear the thought of upgrading your Domain Controller for the third time in 10 years?  Allow us to introduce you to server virtualization.  Rather than replacing your server infrastructure one-for-one, we can introduce larger, robust virtual servers into your network. They are scalable to fit your needs as your company grows, and quickly become more cost-effective than refreshing your whole network every 5 years.

Desktop virtualization/thin-client computing means an easy-to-manage experience for your users

Are you staring down the barrel of replacing upwards of 30 Windows XP workstations?  Desktop virtualization changes the age-old dynamic of PC refresh.  Rather than managing dozens of computers, you can now patch, update and protect a small number of desktop images.


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