What are you doing to protect it?

"An ounce of prevention

is worth a pound of cure"

- Benjamin Franklin

Most SMBs cannot function without their data - email, flat files and full-on databases are vital to ongoing operations. But a stunning 27% do not have any data security protection. At the same time, phishing attacks have become a daily occurrence as criminals try ever harder to obtain sensitive information. Ransomware, malicious software blocking access to a computer system until money is paid, remains a serious threat to every business owner.

Penn Systems Group believes data security should be comprehensive and layered. We adhere to NIST Cyber Security Framework V 1.1 as we focus on every aspect of the network, attacking as many vulnerable areas as possible with multiple proven solutions. This includes handling data before it even hits your network edge, all the way to the individual computer & user.

  • Secure email services with spam filtration and encrypted messaging
  • Next Generation Firewalls and Unified Threat Management
  • Image-based Backup and data restoration planning
  • Protected cloud data sharing
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategies
  • User Access Control and Permission Management
  • PC and Server Endpoint Protection
  • Password Management and User Security Training

Can you afford to leave your data unprotected?