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Secure reliable email services are essential business continuity. We can help.

“Instead of Cursing the Darkness
light a candle."

- Benjamin Franklin

Did you get the file I sent? We all know the pressure to stay connected 24-7 and email is a critical part of that.

Nick - Steve,

This text area could be a content module that repeats on all pages. Would be an efficient way to handle it. A "Global" element. Or (for increased seo) we can create targeted text with various vendors. I suppose we should generate a generic version first. We'll use that on all pages to begin with and can customize it at will.

A list of bullet things.

  • Bullets get things done
  • ouch
  • no, really, people apparently like Bullets.
  • did he say that?

And finish off. Please finalize a boilerplate for this text so we can get that on all pages.


Serving business in the greater Delaware valley for over ## years with technocoly, security and business operations platforms.

I'm considering also that the "Vendor Carousel" below should remain. It will link to various partner pages. It can also be intentionally targeted to specific categories so if a Vendor is Security it can be set on that page to only display security partners.

Our key partnerships include: VMware, Microsoft, Datto, Webroot, Dell, HP, Lenovo