Are you leveraging the cloud to your benefit?

"You may delay

but time will not"

- Benjamin Franklin

“The Cloud” can be a hazy, ambiguous term in technology. It’s been thrown around for over a decade with no clear agreement on what it means to businesses. this has led to confusion for business owners, misunderstandings of capabilities and costs, and sometimes complete aversion.
Simply put, “the Cloud” is technology that you access over the Internet and does not run on your local network. This can still represent a lot of different things, and one of our goals at Penn Systems Group is to define what the cloud means for your business, and how it can drive your business productivity.

The cloud services we provide fall into two categories:

  1. Hosted Services from third parties – these are services running in data centers that perform a specific function for your business. Spam filtration services and hosted email like Microsoft 365 manage mail in the cloud before it gets delivered to local devices. Firewall sandboxing utilizes cloud resources to test incoming data for malware. Hosted data storage allows for access and backup of your files from any device anywhere.
  2. Private Cloud – run virtual servers and workstations in a data center for a monthly fee. This can provide more accessibility and flexibility for employees, improve computing capabilities, and increase efficiency. Get off of the capital expenditure treadmill and migrate your network to secure, private cloud that only you have access to

The cloud is the future of technology, and the future of your business