Penn Systems Group provides top tier technical resources to our clients.

“I get by with a little
help from my friends."

- Benjamin Franklin

We have a decades long set of strongly forged strategic partnerships with a common goal to help you maximize your business IT investments.

Penn systems group has a forward looking approach to our strategic partnerships. Our true focus is on where you want your IT to be over the next few years and beyond.


VM Ware

An established worldwide leader in Virtualization for decades ...


Vendors who know the history and the future of the platform for business ...



All your base are belong to us


Remote network management for speed and security.


For your well-rooted web.


Lenovo Laptops, tablets, workstations

Excellent value high powered solutions your office needs.

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Serving business in the greater Delaware valley for over ## years with technocoly, security and business operations platforms.

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Our key partnerships include: VMware, Microsoft, Datto, Webroot, Dell, HP, Lenovo