Business Continuity and the Cost of IT Downtime

These days, most of your work is completed on the Internet. Whether you use it for research, communicating with colleagues or completing projects, you are relying on it. Have you ever sat down and considered how much it would cost your business if the Internet were to go down, even for a few minutes? If you haven’t, you are about to learn.

Gartner, a research company, states that each hour of downtime can cost your business up to $42,000. Obviously, this can vary depending on the size of your business and the industry you are in. If the Internet is down, you can’t complete your tasks or make sales, etc., affecting your overall revenue numbers. In addition, employees are basically forced to stop working, unless they have work that can be completed offline, affecting any set deadlines. Messing with deadlines also harms your reputation with clients.

Many businesses are beginning to implement business continuity plans so that in the chance the Internet is down for a long period of time, they are prepared. A business continuity plan lays out a roadmap, explaining how the business will continue to function in these conditions. This will give your clients a boost of confidence and protect your brand and reputation during these uncertain times. Employees would know exactly what to do in the event there is downtime or disaster strikes, and would still be able to perform their daily jobs.

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