The Importance of End User Security Awareness

Second only to basic security defenses such as firewalls and antivirus software, user awareness is the most important security measure that your company can implement. To be successful in the daily battle against cyber security threats and risks, you need the support and participation of all users.  To begin your employee security awareness training, start with these three topics.

Constructing secure passwords. A poorly constructed password is the perfect invitation for a hacker. Your first line of defense on the Internet is creating the strongest password possible to protect your computer, your data and your online accounts.  If one password is breached, all of the computers on the network are put at potential risk for hackers and viruses.  Visit our previous blog post for a guide on complex password security.

Practicing safe computing while on the go. Public Wi-Fi is one of the locations where your computer, tablet and smartphone are most vulnerable to attack. While connected via Wi-Fi, you must assume that every website you visit, everyone you message, and any emails you send or receive could be viewed by someone else in that unsecured area.

Protecting against viruses, phishing, malware. Hackers, scammers and criminals are working overtime to compromise company data and login credentials. It is the duty of employers and administrators who know about these potential dangers to educate corporate employees about the nature of spam, viruses and phishing emails and how to avoid them.

Peace of mind starts with the right security strategy. Protect your business and all that you’ve worked for with comprehensive network and security services from Penn Systems Group.  Visit us online to fill out a contact form, and we will contact you to discuss your specific IT needs.