Microsoft Gold Partner Certification: What’s it Worth to You?

With the rigorous demands that IT places on businesses, many have turned to outside providers to ensure their own IT is being properly serviced. While MSPs (Managed Service Providers) such as Penn Systems Group offer numerous benefits to businesses, one key area that is often overlooked, or undervalued, by our customers is the relationship that we have with vendors. Datto, Lenovo, Netgear and VMware all offer certifications that allow for a company to provide regular maintenance and care for their products. One highly respected certification is the “Microsoft Gold Partner” certification. This certification designates that an MSP is authorized to sell Microsoft products and has the training necessary to service them. The benefits a Microsoft Gold Partner can provide to a business are numerous, including:

  1. Local – Having an MSP that is nearby with Microsoft Gold Partner certification means that you are buying your products from someone in your community. You can ensure that if any problems were to arise, you have someone specific to go to, rather than work your way through the support network at Microsoft.
  2. Service – Microsoft Gold Partners can provide you with a level of service not found at the corporate level. Having a partner that will learn how your business applications interact with Microsoft software can help you make the correct choices and proper upgrades.
  3. Value – Microsoft Gold Partner can help ensure that you’re getting the licenses you need and not overspending on unnecessary software.  Additionally we can help you choose the correct license the first time, so you’re not throwing good money after bad.

While often overlooked, working with a Microsoft Gold Partner provides many benefits to a business. Penn Systems Group prides itself on being such a partner. The value that we can provide to our partners through this certification has been one of the keys to our success. Let us show you how we can bring these benefits to your business.