Network Security Suites Explained

Your network is the key to your business. If it were to be compromised, you could risk losing everything. If you have had your network breached before, you know the risks and don’t want it to happen again. Don’t let it—install these network security measures stat. Not familiar with the importance of each? Read on.

Anti-virus. Anti-virus software is designed to prevent viruses and other malware from installing themselves on your computer. It also works to detect the presence of a virus and remove it. Other malware it rids includes trojan horses, spyware and worms. In order for it to be completely effective, be sure to update regularly in order to identify all the latest malware out there.

Anti-spam. Anti-spam software works to keep spam out of your network. In addition, it works to fight any spam already present. This is possible by using different filters, such as Bayesian filters, which scans an entire email to check for “spam words” instead of just its subject line. Just as with anti-virus software, be sure to keep your anti-spam software updated regularly.

Firewalls. Firewalls act as a security guard, or traffic controller for your network, blocking it from attacks. To not install a firewall for your network and server is basically like leaving your door open, welcoming unwanted hackers in.

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