Realize the Benefits of Replacing an Aging PC

More than ever we receive service requests to address problems on PCs that are more than 5 years older and still running Windows XP.  Often the best and most valuable solution for our customer is to just purchase a new computer with Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8 Pro.  And while most understand this in theory, it can still be hard to bite the bullet and spend a few hundred dollars on new hardware, software, and installation services, especially when it can seem like it was only yesterday that you first purchased your XP machine.

As the Windows XP support expiration date of April 2014 fast approaches, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of the more important benefits that you could receive from replacing a PC that is 4+ years old that often get overshadowed by cost:

3x higher productivity. Business multitasking is 80% faster, productivity apps run 64% faster and web browsing can be up to 12x faster on a new Intel processor-based PC.  An older system has about 110% more downtime than a new PC, which on average adds up to $1,260 in lost revenue per PC per year.

2x longer battery life. Intel processor-based notebooks have more than 5 hours and Ultrabook devices have 5 to 8 hours of battery life.  Now you won’t be searching for an outlet to charge your notebook so frequently!

24% lower repair costs.  Current systems are easier to manage and built-in security features reduce malware incidents.  Couple this with increased productivity and not only have you reduced your costs, you’ve increased uptime and alleviated a considerable amount of user and management frustration.

They actually do cost less!  On average, a PC with “business standard” specs and Windows 8 Pro costs $200 less than your Windows XP machine cost 5 years ago.  This means that in 2013 you can get a computer with 4x more RAM, 2x faster processing speed and 3x more hard drive space than the computer you bought in 2008 FOR A LOWER PRICE.

When you add this all up, replacing your old PC seems like a no-brainer!  Reach out to us and we can help identify the right system for you.