Save on Hardware Costs with Cloud Computing

It happens to everyone: eventually your trusty old desktop computer becomes slower and slower, making your job almost painstakingly impossible. In this day and age when technology sees daily advancements, the computer that you use have a much shorter lifespan. So why wouldn’t you stop and consider a virtual desktop solution like cloud computing? Here at Penn Systems, we have the answer. Read on to find out what it is.

Cloud computing is the hottest trend in the business world. Many businesses are beginning to look to the cloud as a new solution that offers many benefits. One of the biggest benefits the cloud has is that employees can work virtually and from anywhere. If they are traveling across the country or working remotely, they will still be able to access their workstation, and it will appear exactly the same. Employees can also use any device (laptop, smartphone, tablet PC) to access their work, giving them more flexibility than ever. Virtual desktops do not require any physical equipment, which will save your business money on capital expenditures, as they don’t have to purchase expensive hardware or pay to maintain it. In the event that disaster strikes, your important data would be stored safely in the cloud (assuming that you are properly backing up every day).

The above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of cloud computing.  Click here to learn more about Penn Systems Group’s Cloud Computing solutions