Tips to Ensure Your Business Continuity Plan Works

Unpredictable disasters and unforeseen data loss are constant worries for small businesses.  We cannot anticipate or train for every situation, but preparation and practice can reduce the impact of many disasters. By implementing a business continuity plan you can alleviate the fear of losing your business’s valuable data.

Communication. Communications is essential to control rumors, maintain contact with vendors and assure employees.  Draft an emergency response checklist detailing who in the firm should be notified following the disaster and the measures that should be taken to minimize the effects.

Testing. While responding to a disaster, you don’t want to discover that you don’t know how to perform a restore on certain systems. If you haven’t fully tested how to recover each component of your operations, then your disaster recovery process is not fully prepared.

Training.  Hold mandatory training classes to brief all employees and staff on the contents of your business continuity plan and to inform them of their individual responsibilities. 

At Penn Systems Group we work with our clients to ensure that business continuity plans are in place and ready to be activated at all times.  If you would like us to establish a formal process to be followed to restore your business continuity when a disaster occurs, visit our website and fill out a contact form.