The Value of an IT Assessment

Can your technology support future business growth?  Is your IT leadership effectively leading your team to success? What internal control systems are in place to ensure your policies and procedures are being adhered to in practice?  If you find yourself without clear, confident answers to these questions, your business may be in need of an IT assessment. A comprehensive assessment will help you better understand your current state of technology and prepare your organization for future needs and growth.

Envision your organization’s technology goals. IT has become mission critical and needs to be managed as a strategic asset. Determining your goals will help you work through your priorities in order to use technology in a way that directly furthers your mission and provides a road map of activities designed to prioritize and remedy issues.

Assess your current technology. Our experts will look at the current status of your network, hardware, software, management system, and network security and quickly identify financial, technical and operational opportunities.

Assess internal practices. We will help you assess your organization’s current internal policies and procedures in the areas of technology training, security and disaster recovery.

Survey staff skills. This process helps understand the skills and capabilities you have on your IT team, and which you need to develop and/or acquire. Having the right staff in place helps improve efficiency, keeping you focused on what matters – your business.

Create your technology plan. IT planning gives you the opportunity to think ahead about your organization’s future needs as related to your business goals. The process of planning will help you understand how information flows in your organization and provide a clear set of priorities to focus on.

Our customized analysis maximizes the productivity, communications and collaboration between your employees, as well as with vendors and partners. Contact us today for a no obligation evaluation of your IT infrastructure and how it measures up to industry standards.