Ways to Cut Energy Costs in the Office

Cutting energy use at work benefits the corporate budget and the environment. You can make quick power saving changes across your business that will reduce your energy bills, lessen the carbon footprint and conserve energy. Here are some great ways to start:

Turn off extra equipment. Unused equipment consumes energy. It also tends to warm your office, pushing up air conditioning costs. To conserve energy and reduce internal heat gain turn off monitors, printers and copiers during non-business hours. You may need to keep PCs powered up and online overnight to properly run AntiVirus scans and download updates, but shut down any other equipment that isn’t in use.

Replace old equipment with Energy Star appliances. When purchasing PCs, monitors, printers, fax machines and copiers, consider Energy Star models that power down after a user-specified period of inactivity. Products that have earned Energy Star status can help you save energy and money without sacrificing performance. Look for the energy rating label when purchasing new appliances and equipment­—the more stars the better.

Use of technology. Businesses can also take advantage of new technology to reduce energy costs. For example, web cameras and accompanying software can allow companies to hold virtual meetings instead of driving or flying to meet clients or colleagues in distant offices. Technology also allows business owners to create innovative and flexible work arrangements for employees. By allowing employees to work from home on alternate days, you can save money on overhead and equipment. 

Educate your employees. Create an energy-efficient work culture by educating your employees about energy-saving policies you would like to implement. Employee buy-in and involvement can make or break your company’s efforts to conserve energy.

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