Cloud Computing

Does your business demand greater performance, rapid-scalability and higher availability from your line of business and productivity applications to remain competitive? Stop the unpredictable cost of an on-premises network – simply pay one flat fee per month!

Downtime Cost Calculator

How much does network downtime actually cost you? If a critical server fails you’re not only losing time, but profitability as well. Are your employees still paid while you are down? Is there lost revenue? Use our Datto-powered Downtime Cost Calculator to determine how much downtime really does cost you. Then call us about our Datto Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Solutions to find out how to protect your business.

Looking for the Customer Portal? Need to enter a service request? Want to review your open quotes? Visit our portal. The Penn Systems Group, Inc. Customer Portal allows you to make new service requests, see the status of your company’s open tickets, view open & historical quotes, and much more. To log in, just click the “Customer Portal Login” link at the very top of this page. If you don’t currently have access, call us at 610-353-3800.


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