”Well done...

is better than well said.“

-Benjamin Franklin

Business Technology

Comprehensive Managed IT Services coupled with best-in-class products.

Data Security

Protect your network, meet compliance standards, have peace of mind.

Cloud Solutions

Always available services for your business.

2 out of 5 SMBs don't have any team or resource dedicated to securing data

Without a Plan
Hire Penn Systems Group to be your consultant and solution provider working to protect your network

58% of SMBs are not prepared for data loss, and 60% that lose data will shut down within 6 months

Lost Data
We offer the backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery planning you need to continue operations

As of July 2018, 71% of SMBs encountered Cryptolocker infecting their corporate network

Even with protection, your network can be compromised. We help mitigate ransomware infections, and you avoid paying the ransom


Maintaining business technology is difficult.  From hardware acquisition & installation to email availability, from user assistance to future planning, it is a job unto itself.  At Penn Systems Group, we do the job with you. We will help you with everything: the day-to-day use, security and backup, even acting as a virtual CIO. We become an extension of your business, and true partner in driving your organization forward.


For 27 years Penn Systems Group has been dedicated to providing superior technical services & solutions to the Philadelphia Region. With success in multiple vertical industries our goal is to empower our clients' use of technology to drive and support their growth.